• Our teachers are selected based on expertise as well as for qualities such as dedication, patience and devotion

• Supports each student to be confident and innovative

• Builds awareness of team spirit to young minds

• Periodical evaluation and ongoing support for teacher through training workshops

• The student - Teacher ratio is 20:1 .Hence our teacher are able to provide individual attention to each child in class

Our Kids will be ensured with Following Qualities

• Self discipline, Leadership, Curiosity and Mental Flexibility

• With the Feeling of Self Esteem, Confidence and Independence

• Problem solving skills

• Respect others and learn the meaning of Unity with in a multi cultural society

• Awareness on healthy living

• Adopt healthy habits and safety rules


International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

APIS adopts well-designed Programmes Offered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Who are worldwide leaders in raising educational standards , conducting exams in over 9000 Schools across 160 Countries.

The Structure and Content of Cambridge Programme Syllabus in such that it does not put too much stress on stress on students yet draws out successfully the best from them.

CIE - Cambridge International Examinations Advantages:

• Student- centric Programme Complements a range of teaching methods and curricula that meets the requirements at global level

• Builds a dynamic and exciting thematic curriculum frame work to develop English, Mathematics , Science Skills , Knowledge and Understanding in young learners

• Focus on academics and personality development and the development of global awareness and international –mindedness

• Learning is active, engaging, and above all, meaningful

• Focused around themes of real interest to children and contains dynamic, exciting things for them to explore, research and record.

• The curriculum contains specific top explore, structured and authentic reporting to parents education

• It also enables detailed, Structured and authentic reporting to parents

• Continuous assessment system to evaluate learner’s strength and weaknesses, so that they can progress seamlessly in to higher classes


• Computer lab

• Robotics Lab

• Science Lab

• Language Lab

• Sports Club

• Educational Field Trips

• Technically well resourced classrooms

• Well Stocked Library

• Use of Montessori Tools

• Educational Field Trips

• Well equipped Audio- Visual Room

• Widespread outdoor Play area

• Multi-Purpose hall

• Medicare

• Pick-Up & Drop Facility

Co curricular Activities

Our well planned Co curricular activities enhance wonderful opportunity to the young minds to determine their potentials and improve non-scholastic experience and also as their social and behavioral skills.

• Yoga

• Skating

• Music (Key Board , Guitar ,Drum)

• Dance (Classical , Western )

• Art & Craft

• English Club

• Handwriting Club

• Cultural Club

• Taekwondo


APIS believe Physical education and sport contribute to the holistic development of young minds. Through participation in sport and physical education, young people learn about the importance of key values such as:

honesty, teamwork, fair-play, respect for themselves and others, adherence to rules

It also provides a forum for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing. These learning aspects highlight the impact of physical education and sport on a child’s social and moral development in addition to physical skills and abilities.

Indoor Games:

Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Aerobics

Outdoor Games:

Skating, badminton, basket ball, Cricket